Ventilation Products


Ever since the creation of Atmosphere in 1998, the motto “Think Green” has been close to our hearts. Our team is continuously striving toward adopting energy conservation techniques and environment friendly methods in both our manufacturing and office procedures.

Eco-conscious & Eco-friendly

As we speak, incoming cardboard from our suppliers is re-used in the packaging of our manufactured products being shipped out, all metal scraps are sent to metal recyclers, incoming styrofoam is donated to a research company that develops efficient incinerators, special sized boxes and pallets are resent to our suppliers for re-use and our office shredded waste paperis sent to a recycling center. Even the paper and printing process of this advertisement is made from environment friendly ink on recycled paper.  

Located in close proximity of Montreal QC in the city of Terrebonne, Atmosphere’s 55,000 square feet building incorporates many environment friendly concepts such as (just to mention a few);

• A green roof

• An energy efficient outside envelop

• Environmental friendly mechanic units and electrical systems

• Gray water recycling

• Slow-flow toilet and urinals

Environment Canada estimates that if the green roof trends continue to grow as they have been, it will result in the reduction of 10% of the air pollutants in 10 years. Would it not be great if everyone could strive toward Zero waste.